As Above So Below

Image: Alan Smith As Above So Below

Alan Smith “As Above So Below”

Allenheads Contemporary Arts (ACA), within the framework of Migrating Art Academies (MigAA), is offering residency opportunities for international artists to join its current programme, As Above So Below (AASB).
for the period June 12 – 20 (with a possibility to extend till June 24), 2016 in Allenheads, UK

Artists will be offered residencies and will be invited to:
– Develop their work (in any medium) relating to AASB
– Contribute to our ongoing programme of educational and public engagement events
– Develop international links between their home country and the AASB project at ACA

The artists will be offered accommodation, studio, exhibition or presentation opportunities. Travel costs and living costs will also be covered.

Project Description

The inspiration for AASB stems from the human condition of curiosity and ambition which prevent us from resting on what we see, understand and achieve – pursuing the potential of what might lay beyond recognisable horizons. In the belief that more is to be found, we advance our ability to navigate and travel, constantly scrutinising expanding distances above our head and below our feet.

We are looking for artists to engage with this enquiry, to gather information and inspiration from experts in other fields, to develop their practise in new ways and to create work that engages wide ranging audiences.

ACA is working in partnership with The North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) organisation who is offering expertise, resources and funding to building an observatory on our premises.

The Arts and education programme is underway and will generate a series of events including exhibitions, workshops, performances and conferences that will culminate with the launch of the observatory planned for October 2016.

AASB Programme
Artists are invited to engage with any one or more of the projects 3 strands:

1. Above: Dark Skies – taking advantage of ACA’s location within a designated Dark Skies Site and the planned observatory and planetarium facilities on ACA premises.
2. Surface: the Skin of Our Planet – exploring the significance of being on and navigating the rotating orbiting sphere we call Earth, from our base in England’s highest village at the geographical centre of the U.K.
3. Below: Hollow Earth – considering human subterranean endeavours such as mining, caving, undersea explorations, mythology and more.

Lead Artists and others involved so far
Sound artists Bennett Hogg and Sabine Vogel have initiated their above and below ground sound recordings and Bill Aitchison is working on performance and creative tour of Allenheads.

We are collaborating with experts from other fields who are already contributing to our programme. These include Dr Peter Edwards & Jurgen Schmoll – Astro Physicists from Durham University, conservationists working with AONB, mining historians from Killhope Lead Mine. We’re looking for people from diverse backgrounds to expand this list.

This event is organised as a collaboration between Allenheads Contemporary Arts and Institutio Media. Migrating Art Academies is a platform for innovation and exchange in arts teaching and research across Europe.

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