Crime Scene

Crime Scene Laboratory

Crime Scene Laboratory

12th – 18th of June, 2014, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

This collaborative laboratory expands on the themes of the Rauma Balticum Biennale through different theoretical and practical processes that propose the bringing together of social activism and civil participation as contemporary art practices. Through a series of experimental lectures (anti-lectures, lecture-performances), expeditions and field work, we will research concepts and aesthetic processes that can imagine and inseminate social change through art. Participants reflect upon and propose modalities of social agency and dissent under current cultural and cognitive frames of capitalism and violence. We ask: What is a crime scene? What is it to bear witness? What is responsibility? What forms of social agency and solidarity can emerge at sites of alterity? Concepts of political subjectification, vulnerability and place are addressed (among others).

UG (Underground) is an open space and a counterpart of Rauma Art Museum as well as of Rauma Balticum Biennale aiming to host both emergent artists and curators that want to develop situated and interdisciplinary projects with social and artistic relevance. It is also conceptualised to have experimental and interdisciplinary events such as laboratories, workshops, exhibitions, public talks, or any kind of activity that contributes to generate and disseminate free and new knowledge. This space welcomes challenging proposals of artistic and curatorial projects of any medium with special emphasis in research oriented, site production practices and pedagogical outcomes. UG is also the host of the MigAA Laboratory that will be launched for the first time this year 2014. This collaborative laboratory plays as a counterpart to the Rauma Balticum Biennale. As an event, it expands on the themes of the Biennale through different theoretical and practical processes such as a series of experimental lectures (anti-lectures, lecture-performances), expeditions and field work. UG is open to collaborate in partnership with other organisations and institutions of any kind (museums, universities, NGOs, artistic groups or collectives, etc.) that will to develop artistic and curatorial research, events, exhibitions or exchange.

This laboratory is organised by Rauma Art Museum and Rauma Balticum Biennale in collaboration with Institutio Media, it is supported by the Nordic Culture Point and the City of Rauma.

Crime Scene Laboratory is led by Gerardo Montes de Oca (Rauma Art Museum); psychologist and cross-media artist currently based in Finland and Austria (Vienna).