October 14th – 16th October 2010, Berlin

MigAA poster

The two-year project Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) came to a close with its Laboratory V Migrating:Art:Academies:. This exhibition and conference, organized in cooperation with Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, mapped the territory around an ensemble of new and innovative forms of creative practice. During MigAA students from the European School of Visual Arts (EESI, FR), the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (KHM, DE), and the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA, LT) traveled in Media RVs (recreational camping vehicles) throughout Europe, engaging the local cultural and environmental milieu, and creating art works “on the road.”

The combined MigAA exhibition and conference did not claim to be a full picture but rather a presentation of life-sketches, fragmentary practices, and evolving processes. These active threads together charted a new territory for learning that turns away from most traditional academic strategies. This open event was meant to critically address this new approach and to open it up for public dialogue.

On Thursday, 14 October, Migrating:Art:Academies: opened with an exhibition of works by more than thirty students from the three European art academies at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. The selected projects, developed during the four consecutive MigAA laboratories in Berlin, Vilnius, Linz, and Royan, ranged from drawings and maps to installations and interactive works. The event was augmented with several live performances inside and outside the distinctive Collegium Hungaricum building.

The laboratory also presented a 300 page reader as a summary of the two years of distributed and mobile research. The book, divided into three essential parts — Migrating:, Art:, and Academies: — served as a navigation supplement for the exhibition and the conference as well as the overall project.