Nomadic Living

April 30th – May 20th, 2010. Cologne, Paris, Angouléme, Royan, Bordeaux, Gironde estuary…

yellow-vanA group of students from three art academies in France, Germany, and Lithuania began their fourth Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) laboratory under the title “Nomadic Living.” During this laboratory, based on developing art practices while traveling, participants were driving their Media RVs (recreational camping vehicles) more than 9000 kilometers across Europe. Students visited artists’ studios, galleries, and other cultural resources. They also participated in workshops in the Gironde region, one of the biggest estuary environment in Europe.

During Nomadic Living students continued to develop their research around the main MigAA theme: the search for new artistic forms in a migrating, mobile academy, an academy that moves around Europe. This phase of the MigAA collaboration was also a preparatory phase for an upcoming conference and exhibition scheduled for October 2010 at Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin, Germany.

Two student teams started the Nomadic Living trip with well-equipped Media RVs from Vilnius and Cologne and joined the third team in Angoulême, France. While traveling along the Gironde estuary in southwest France, the students engaged in a range of cultural research activities. They met French artists from Fabrique POLA, an artists colony in Bordeaux; they also visited the Winery, which merges old traditions of wine production and the arts.

Along the Gironde estuary, the young artists observed and studied the natural environment both as an ecological reality and as a poetic metaphor of change, transformation, and flow. For this creative research, students used a wide range of tools — from pencils, pen and ink, to computers and electronic motion, sound, range, and temperature sensors.

In Royan, Nomadic Living was hosted and assisted by Captures association. While there, the students along with French artist Stany Cambot, explored the city and surroundings via mobile and nomadic points of view. During a four day workshop with Cambot, students explored nomadic architectures and interacted with social spaces that welcome the transitory spirit of nomadism including transport and construction zones and telecommunications networks.