November 22nd-30th 2008. Berlin.

During the Régime, fourteen art students from European School of Visual Arts, Academy of Media Arts and Vilnius Academy of Arts were “embedded” in the 84 square meters space in the General Public gallery for one week. The students lived together, created pieces of art and followed the extensive programme of workshops, lectures and presentations led by acknowledged artists and professors. Régime was the project for analysis of borders between intimate, personal and public.

Régime was organized in cooperation with Migrating Reality project, the first conference and exhibition, which took place in April 2008 in Berlin. Collected material on migration was published in a Migrating Reality book, which was presented at the conference Migration-Art-Education during the last day of the Laboratory I at the Academy of Arts. The first Migrating Art Academies conference focused on three topics – migration, art, and education. Theoreticians, artists, and professors overviewed migration concepts in art and science.

Entrance to the conference events, series of workshops and lectures was free for all visitors. Art works created by the students during the Régime were be presented at the exhibition on November 28 in the General Public gallery.