August 24th – September 11th, 2009, Linz

[zdvideo align=right autoplay=yes][/zdvideo] Video Gabriel Vanegas

Sequence, the third episode of the two-year pan-European project Migrating Art Academies, began at the end of August 2009. Students from art academies in three countries, Germany, France, and Lithuania, continued a process of nomadic living and creating “on the road.” This time they were migrating to Linz, Austria, the home of Ars Electronica, one of the premiere global festivals for contemporary media art and science which took place on the 3rd till the 8th of September.

The main aim of the ongoing migration was to research how the internet, satellite communications, blogs, YouTube, Second Life, sensors, and other digital technologies impact lives and change the way we see the world and human communities.

Sequence was designed to extend and deepen research that was initiated during the Migrating Art Academies episode two, Transgression, where Media-RV’s (recreational camping vehicles) were used for the first time initiating three different projects, Sliding Window, Hospitality, and Fieldworks. Students from the European School of Visual Arts in Angouléme/Poitiers, the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, and the Vilnius Academy of Arts continued their sensor-, movement-, and internet-based experience and research.

The Media-RVs used in the project were parked near the Ars Electronica Center and were open to the public during the festival. During a series of evening programs, initiated and produced by staff members from Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, students from the three art academies introduced their current projects, presented interactive installations and workshops, and performed time-based works.