Trans-Sensor Networks

Nida, Lithuania. September 16-26, 2016

Trans-Sensor Networks

Trans-Sensor Networks

Application deadline 15 August, 2016
Accommodation costs will be covered for students, no other costs covered.

This event will suggest the insight into the functioning of the biological ecosystem and the co-functioning of its elements. Trans-sensor objects will be analysed on the basis of scientific logics. Their phenomenological features will open up possibilities for artistic discourse. Interrelations among trans-sensor objects will be illustrated via micellium as the means of communication of all flora or via human microbiome which define human immune system and human interaction with environment.

This laboratory will take the format of summer school of Photography and Media Arts department of Vilnius Academy of Arts, and will involve facilitators Dario Martinelli from Kaunas University of Technology, Alvydas Lukys from Vilnius Academy of Arts, and Mindaugas Gapševičius from Weimar Bauhaus University.

The participants of the laboratory will have a possibility to collaborate with professional artists, curators, art critics, scientists and to get involved into the intense creative process. The event will end with an open discussion and a public presentation of results.

The event is organised by Vilnius Academy of the Arts in collaboration with Institutio Media.

Exam: 200-125 exam 200-120 exam 300-208 exam 200-125 exam 200-125 exam 200-125 exam 300-208 exam 300-208 exam 200-120 exam 200-125 exam 200-125 exam