May 5th-22nd, 2009, Poitiers, Berlin, Cologne, Vilnius, Nida

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The second stage (Transgression) of Migrating Art Academies commenced on May 5th. Students from art universities of three countries, viz. Germany, France and Lithuania, will live and create “on the road”: they travelled by campers and collected various data “discovered” on the road with the help of sensors. Berlin, Vilnius and Nida became the meeting places where workshops were held, sound project Dusk, Day, Dawn was presented and student group projects were developed, while the obtained results were revealed in the public presentation held in Vilnius railway station.

Transgression symbolised stepping beyond limits and discovering new forms. It seeked to change habitual routines of the students, thus allowing them to discover fresh expressions of creativity. During the trip, data was collected using sound, light, vibration or thermal sensors for the implementation of student group projects.

German students were engaged in project Sliding Window based on the determination of collected data by the choice of the equipment being used and the settings deliberately or accidentally applied to it. The French team was engaged in project Hospitality, which analysed the role of hospitality in modern societies beyond borders. Fieldworks emphasised the importance of practical work in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or studio, and was the point of reference for the Lithuanian team.

img_2834During this session, students of all three universities first met in Berlin where joint workshops were held. On Friday, project Dusk, Day, Dawn containing sounds collected during the trip were presented in Berlin; sound sessions were presented at dawn, at midday and at dusk. This was followed by the trip to Vilnius where group projects of students of each university were further developed; the obtained results were revealed in the public presentation in railway station spaces. Then the students headed for the inspiring Lithuanian locality of Nida.